Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's Up With Cardamon?

Don't you just hate going grocery shopping when your hungry and when your hubby wants to tag along and he is also hungry. Well, needless to say we did not stick to my grocery list. We bought things we have never bought before. Of course, I intend to use them in my cooking (darn it, I have to since I bought them). Now to one of the items I purchased which we really did not need, however, I have always wanted to try it out. Did you know that the spice "cardamon" could be soooo expensive. It sells for $10.59 at the store. I have always wanted to try this spice in a cookie recipe that I have and every time I would go grocery shopping I would just pass it by. I really could not see myself paying $10.59 for this little bottle of spice. BUT today, and because DH was with me and because he has always heard my story every time I return from grocery shopping of how expensive this is and I never buy it. Well, passing by this spice again today, I looked at the bottle, I picked up the bottle, turned to DH and said, " This is it, this is the expensive spice I have been telling you about, and I returned the bottle back to its little space on the shelf above the price tag of $10.59. I turned to my DH and stated, "This spice is just so darn expensive". DH just looked at me, rolled his eyes and said go ahead and buy it, you have wanted this spice for a long time, just put it in the basket and buy it. Sooooo, guess what? No hesitation after that comment. I grabbed the bottle and just tossed it into the basket with all of the other new items which we have never tried before, but that we will soon be using in our new cooking recipes. I will need to give you the scoop on these new recipes when I cook them next week. Oh, by the way, I have also been banned from watching the Food Network shows. Hee! Hee!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Blue Mood Gone! Yahoo!

I woke up today feeling a lot better. My "Blue Mood" is over. Yahoo! I feel better. The days have been a little sunny and I sat under a sun lamp (not really) but maybe that would have helped some. I sure did not like feeling so sluggish. Went to my garden and even though I have neglected my poor garden it has produced the most beautiful and very tasty veggies. I need to go and pick some more. I guess I will have to freeze them because I have so much. Has anyone ever frozen fresh broccoli? I guess I will need to get some info on this and find out how it is done. DH tried to plow the garden to see if he could remove some of the weeds, but it only pulled the carrots out. They are not quite ready but these sure were tasty.
We went to the garden center and purchased some 1015 onion bulbs. I have always wanted to make the "Blooming Onion" so hopefully I will have a lot of blooming onions to fry. Will need to post about this at a future date.
Until tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


What is wrong with me? I just can't seem to get into the groove. I have been wanting to post and I just keep avoiding it. I just feel so sluggish, no energy, can't get focused. I start to do something around the house and then all of a sudden I just feel so overwhelmed so everything is half completed. Just can't seem to pinpoint why I'm feeling this way. Maybe I need to take some vitamins, or maybe some energy drinks, YUCK! maybe not. I think I will just stick to just taking some vitamins. Those energy drinks just don't seem that they would taste too good. Maybe the energy drink I need is a Margarita. Yes! A Margarita sounds really good right now. MMMM, if only I had the fixings for one. or two! I do have some wine and Asti but I think that would just put me back into a mellow mood. Oh well, tomorrow should be butter, I mean better. See, just thinking of opening the wine and here I am getting sluggish again.
My poor garden, it has succumb to all the overpowering weed demons, and even then my broccolli, cabbage and even my carrots are still surviving and producing. The garlic is struggling to out grow the weeds, but it just fades into the green of the weeds. I just have to SNAP OUT of this mood. I still have not finished putting away my Christmas decorations. I just took down my tree yesterday, but the boxes are in my kitchen waiting to be taken to storage.
Well, tomorrow is another day. I hope the day turns out to be sunny. Maybe its this gloomy weather thats making me feel soooo sloooow and sluggish. I just have to push myself and get energetic.
I tried to post some pics but could not find the icons I needed in order to do this, so I will have to wait until another post once I get with my son to figure out what happened.