Saturday, January 17, 2009


What is wrong with me? I just can't seem to get into the groove. I have been wanting to post and I just keep avoiding it. I just feel so sluggish, no energy, can't get focused. I start to do something around the house and then all of a sudden I just feel so overwhelmed so everything is half completed. Just can't seem to pinpoint why I'm feeling this way. Maybe I need to take some vitamins, or maybe some energy drinks, YUCK! maybe not. I think I will just stick to just taking some vitamins. Those energy drinks just don't seem that they would taste too good. Maybe the energy drink I need is a Margarita. Yes! A Margarita sounds really good right now. MMMM, if only I had the fixings for one. or two! I do have some wine and Asti but I think that would just put me back into a mellow mood. Oh well, tomorrow should be butter, I mean better. See, just thinking of opening the wine and here I am getting sluggish again.
My poor garden, it has succumb to all the overpowering weed demons, and even then my broccolli, cabbage and even my carrots are still surviving and producing. The garlic is struggling to out grow the weeds, but it just fades into the green of the weeds. I just have to SNAP OUT of this mood. I still have not finished putting away my Christmas decorations. I just took down my tree yesterday, but the boxes are in my kitchen waiting to be taken to storage.
Well, tomorrow is another day. I hope the day turns out to be sunny. Maybe its this gloomy weather thats making me feel soooo sloooow and sluggish. I just have to push myself and get energetic.
I tried to post some pics but could not find the icons I needed in order to do this, so I will have to wait until another post once I get with my son to figure out what happened.


Laurie said...

It sounds like the winter blues to me. I am feeling the same way. I hope they go away for you soon.

Christine said...

Irma, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I lost all of my bloggie friends when I got the new template. I forgot to save them all and I couldn't find everyone's links. Now I have you back, safe and sound, on my blog roll. :)

I agree with Laurie, it sounds like you have the winter blues. Or maybe the post-Christmas blues. Same thing I guess.

Go ahead and have that margarita, make something pretty and shake those blues away. We need your energy around here, especially those of us who live in the frozen tundras.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket and Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Bless your heart.. I have been there before! My problem with blogging is that I run out of things to blog about even though I am busy. I am always afraid of repeating myself too much even with photos. Only so many chicken pictures and then you've seen them all. Things will perk up for you soon! Just don't stop blogging...I would miss you! blessings, Kathleen

Linda said...

Irma...glad you posted. I was about to email you and ask what was going on. I agree with the others...winter blues. Maybe you just need to sit outside in the sun awhile... It's beautiful here in Houston today... I'm going to JoAnne's! woo hoo! Margaritas are always good for what ailes you.

Linda said...

Irma...another thing... I'm considering having my yard guys remove my roses from their bed behind the garage (cutting garden) and plant veggies. The roses need to be replaced...doing dreadfully. It's a small area....I could plant tomatoes and carrots? Any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hi Irma. I have the same feelings. When you solve it let me know!! Hugs!