Saturday, May 30, 2009


Happy Birthday to Pink Saturday, this is the one year mark for them. Please stop by and visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound, to see all who are participating and celebrating the one year birthday!

I went thrifting this past week and came across some very cute rose desert plates, bowls and napkin holders.
These napkin holders were so cute I just had to have them.

The plates are also nice, there are a few that have some chips. I think I may just use them in some project. I will post about this at a later date.

The only problem I have about using them in projects is that I cringe at the thought of having to break them up. I always feel I am going to change my mind and it will be too late after they are broken in pieces. I guess I will just have to try and not think so much about it and just start breaking.
Hope you enjoy your pinkness this week.
Hugs :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

Thank you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound, for hosting another fantastic "Pink Saturday". Go and visit her to see all the participants for this weeks Pink Saturday. This is a picture of the Moss Rose plant I won at a Bunco Party. I just love pink flowers.
While we were at the coast, we noticed a pink psychedelic painted beach house. Sorry for the poor picture. It was painted with several different pink colors. It really looked very cool.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Pink Saturday.
Hugs :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Steer, Steer, Fish!

On our way to the coast we were surprised to see this. At first I thought it was a trail ride. We usually see a few of these during Rodeo Week, but that was in February. It turns out to be a cattle drive. There were cowboys everywhere on horses herding cattle down the main highway.

We had to pull over to the side of the road and stop. Look what was coming straight at us. Good thing we were in our vehicle.

Now I'm not quite sure if the 18-wheeler was also helping herd the cattle but it was right behind them.

Only in Texas can you get too see a cattle drive, on a highway at that. LOL

See those tire marks in the sand to the left of the picture. Well, DH thought he had turned on the 4-wheel drive on our SUV so that we could go onto the beach. Guess what? Yep, he did not turn it on correctly and we got stuck in the sand. Arrgh! I tried to call our insurance towing service to send a tow truck to pull us out but they could not locate where we were. We told them at the end of the beach! I don't know what street we're on, we're at the end of the beach, by the pier at Matagorda State Park where the land ends into the ocean! No, we're not in Corpus Christi, we're at the end of the beach! In Matagorda State Park.! Don't you have GPS so that you can locate our cell phone signal! No I don't have a street name. OK, so you found the park on your map, why can't you help, because he said he needs a street name. Arrgh! Well, just follow your map to the end of the little black line until it runs into the ocean. Nope, he couldn't even do that. (I will never call our insurance towing service again, they were no help, again). Well, by this time we all started to feel that this trip had ended. We did get pulled out of the sand by a nice person (who knew how to operate his 4-wheel). We were starting to think that after all this our fishing luck was just not going our way but decided to go ahead and give it a try.

And guess what. DH got a hit on his pole and had to have my son give him some help to bring this little beauty in.

I think we need to get a bigger ice chest so that this does not happen again. LOL This was just the first of the catch. They caught a total of 10 fish. This of course being the biggest of the catch. We had to stop fishing for more as our cooler could not hold any more fish.

Catching all of the fish did make it a great fishing trip and made up for us getting stuck in the sand.
Hugs :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Walk In The Enchanted Forest

We went to my favorite garden center this afternoon "The Enchanted Forest" and I found the cutest Fairy Garden. It even had a little swimming pool. The Fairy House is also sooooo cute. I think I would love to live there. In fact, I think I would love to have my back yard to look like this. It was just sooo relaxing walking around and seeing such beautiful flowers and all kinds of plants everywhere.
We were there to find blueberry plants and raspberry plants.

I was able to find a blueberry but no raspberry plants. I guess I will need to try their other location which is also just as beautiful.

We finally moved our girls out of the garage and into their temporary coop until we get the hen house built. We used our dog pen to get the girls set up. They were so funny just to watch. For the first day they did not want to get out of the cage at all.

They were all bunched up at the corner of the cage all day long, too scared of the new environment.

The next morning I found them all outside of their cage on the ground pecking their grass floor, which of course will soon be gone once they start scratching at it.

This is actually one of the boys (Julio Iglesias) Iggy for short.

I also received my Annie from my swap partner Betty. My little Annie is just tooo cute. Thanks Betty. I really enjoyed this Annie Swap.

Well, we're suppose to go fishing in the morning. I just hope we get up early enough, as they say early bird catches the worm, which in this case early fishermen catch the fish. Let's see what great fish story we come up with.
Hugs :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We're Feeling Better

I'm back. I think I'm over my illness. For awhile there, I thought DH and I had the flu. It's taken us about 4 weeks and 2 doctor visits and a trip to the emergency room for us to get rid of this bug. We still have a slight cough but not as bad. I had to miss out on my trip to San Antonio because of this :( I do plan to makeup for this so hopefully I will get to make the trip soon.

I did manage to finish my doll for the Annie Swap I was in. I hope my partner has received her already as I'm posting a pic of her below. I had so much fun sewing her up. The pattern was so easy to follow that I made four Annie's.

The weather has really started to heat up. I have sooooo many projects I need to complete outside that I really will have to push myself to go outside. Our little chicks are growing up sooo fast. I will need to post a picture of them soon. We need to start building their home real quick as we still have them in a cage inside the garage and DH is ready for them to move out.
Until tomorrow.

Hugs :)