Monday, February 18, 2008

I Finally Did It !!!

I finally did it.!!! I established my blogg, after trying for several weeks to set up and could never get it to take. I thought I would try again today and it took, it finally took. At least I hope it did. I was finally able to set the darn thing up. Hopefully, I have entered everything correctly. I had never really heard about blogging (you would think after all these years being on the computer) until one day when I was searching the internet trying to find out how to make those Oh so darn cute faux cupcakes that I discovered Karla's Cottage Blogg. Well, let me tell you, I think I stayed up all night reading her blogg and then linking to other peoples bloggs and so on and so on, that my husband called out to me around 3:00 am, aren't you coming to bed or do you intend on sleeping at the computer. Well, ladies I must admit, I am ADDICTED. I love reading everyones bloggs and reading about your swaps. Hopefully I can enter on some. Like I said, this is all new to me and I hope to catch on. Well enough of my rambling. I hope my future posts will be a little more interesting then this. It's just that I'm still so excited that I was able to start a Blogg.


Dolly said...

WELCOME to blog land Miss Irma!

I did the same thing for the first few weeks of blogging, I stayed up way too late reading and reading and enjoying the new world that opened up for me here!
Its very addicting!
I am glad you took the plunge and started to blog along with us!

Hugz, Dolly said...

It is such an addiction, be prepared to be blogging non-stop! Have fun!

Lori said...

Hi Irma!!! Welcome to blogland and congratulations on winning at Sweet Miss Holly Doodles!!!

Natasha Burns said...

Welcome to blog land! Congrats on winning Holly's prize, you are so lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

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