Thursday, February 21, 2008

Learning to Garden

Well, today started as a slow day. It has been real gloomy outside, looks like rain again. Started my seeds in their little peat pots. Hopefully I'm not to late. Of course our garden plot looks like a jungle out there. We will need to plow it so it will be ready when my plants start sprouting. Now, even though we live in the country, we really are not farmers. When I speak about our garden plot it is now 40 ft x 50 ft. When we started our first garden last year the plot was only 10 ft x 15 ft. and that was an experience. I planted squash, eggplant, pole beans, onions and carrots, tomatoes and then I got the bright idea that I wanted to grow those mammoth pumpkins, the kind that can weight up to 1200 lbs. or more, oh, and also those gigantic watermelons that can feed the whole town. Well, needless to say the pumpkins and watermelon vines took over the whole garden. There were vines everywhere. We had a good harvest of squash and I did manage to grow one huge pumpkin, but it did not get as humongous as I wanted. Of course, I could not pick it up. It took both of my sons to pick it up and put it in our wheel barrow in order to bring it into our house. We only had 3 watermelons that weighed about 3-4lbs. Out of all the carrots planted, I only had one large carrot top and when I pulled it out there was no carrot! But did we have beans, squash and tomotates.
My husband at first was not to excited about gardening, but when he saw all the squash, beans and tomatoes he was ready to go buy a tractor. Now, I tell you, do we need a tractor for a plot 10 ft x 15 ft? Well, that is how our garden plot turned out to be 40 ft x 50 ft. So, he did manage to find an old John Deere garden tractor which he worked on and even painted it and then he proceeded to start buying the implements needed on ebay. All the money spent on ebay for the implements, we could have bought the vegetables at the market and fed the whole town. But like they say, nothing is better than growing your own. Plus, it keeps my husband busy working on the tractor and at least it gets him outside.
Still learning on gardening, I think I'll wait on planting the pumkins for the fall garden this time.


Chris said...

Irma Rose...What a pretty name!

Congrats on starting your blog & your garden!*Ü* May your harvest be plentiful!

Thanks for visiting my blog & admiring my "girlyfish"!

Warmest Regards, Chris
(from Refining Life)

Becky K. said...

Thanks for stoppping by and entering my giveaway. Come back as often as you can.

I sometimes wish we had a good place for a garden because we always had them when I was growing up...but then I remember all of the work that goes into them and our lives are so crazy at this I will enjoy yours vicariously through your blog, if that is ok?

My Chelsea (12) really, really wants to grow a large pumpkin so I had to chuckle when I read that part of this post.

Becky K.

Sharon said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I'm so happy you entered my giveaway!!

I loved your gardening story. :) May you reap bountiful crops this year!

I will be back! :)

Sarah and Jack said...

It's amazing how expensive it is to have a garden, isn't it? LOL

oliveoyl64 said...

It is not hard to get wrapped up in blogland.

I am a fellow Texan and hope to read more on your blog.

Anonymous said...