Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just Plain Vanilla

Well I have been trying and trying to figure out what went wrong with my picture posting. I have a photo of Mr. Pumpkin I wanted to post to my last post, however, the image button on my blogg post is not working correctly, or so I would like to think that is the problem, however, it may be that the problem is really me. Like I said, all this posting is still new to me, but I know that I will figure this out. I just wish it was sooner then later. I love seeing and reading other peoples bloggs. Everyone seems to have the most beautiful layouts and pictures, it makes me want to try to hurry up and figure out how to do this. I guess I'm just a little impatient. My layout is just so manilla vanilla. (sigh).
Someday, yes, someday I will no longer be plain vanilla. I will have sprinkles, the multi-colored kind.


Mary said...

Hi Irma - thanks for stopping by my blog and welcome to this creative and exciting world. You will remain addicted I assure you! I hope you get your photos uploaded soon - let me know if I can help.

Your little Texas town sounds so neat - it it your hometown?

Enjoy your weekend and come visit me ACROSS THE POND again soon.
~~~ Mary ~~~

Sand Flat Farm said...

Irma - thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words about our breakin. I'm calming down and looking toward the future again.

Glad you found me - keep in touch. I just started my blog in October or November and it was slow going at first. I thought if nobody ever read it it would be okay. I decided to just use it as a journal and a record of my thoughts. But lo and behold, people started slowly visiting and now I have many that I keep up with.

I have found that it's a wonderful outlet for us women to stay in touch and share our lives, recipes, experience with kids, business, you name it. I have met several very nice ladies whom I consider friends.

I live in Texas, too, and we are starting our garden. We got it tilled up this weekend and are cleaning out the weeds. hope to do some planting next weekend. Take care, stop by anytime. Vickie

Sharon said...

I was so nervous about starting my blog a little over a year ago and slowly, but surely, learned along the way. Also, there are a lot of helpful ladies out here, so don't hesitate to ask.

One thing I highly recommend is to create a test blog. That way you can play around with things until you get it right and then you'll know how to change it on your public blog. One other thing is to also save a copy of your blog.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. My email is in my sidebar.

I look forward to getting to know you better. :) said...

Good luck with it, have you contacted "help" yet? I know that Typepad has a great help department, don't know about Google.

You have until March27th to worry about birdhouse photos. I'm sure you'll work it out much sooner than that!


Hi Irma !
Oooh thankyou for popping by my blog to say hi! Im so glad you did.
Ive been reading your posts and wondering now how the vege gardens going?
Oh and look you arent plain vanilla, you are pink and thats always a good thing..LOL.
please pop back again and i'll be adding you to my favs list for sure!

Shannon :)

Jennifer said...

Hey,enjoyed your blog..welcome to blog world!! God Bless

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hi! It's great that you are blogging--it's such a great community! Thanks for letting me know. Now, how come you can't load pics? hmmmm. If you need some help, head over to my Etsy shop and hit the "contact this seller" link and leave me a message--I can see if I can help if you'd like.
Smiles, Karen

Moon said...

Don't give up hope for posting photos. A test blog is something I've created for trying new things. Blogger can act a bit wonky sometimes.

Anonymous said...