Monday, April 28, 2008

The Flowers are Blooming

The flowers are blooming! The angel trumpet plant is starting to come to a full bloom. I love the pink color.

The hisbiscus are also so colorful. I have several hisbicus trees in pots. I did not think they would make it being in pots, but they did. Lowe's had such a great sale last year that we were able to get four of these trees at $6.00 each.

I did some weeding again in the garden today, however, I still need to go out tomorrow and do some more. Like I said before, a never ending job. The lettuce is starting to grow. This is my first attempt at growing lettuce. It looks so cute (is there such a thing as cute lettuce? Well, mine is cute anyway.) I think the birds are getting to some of our sprouts as we have bare spots here and there in the rows of squash, beans and corn. I think I will need to make a scarecrow or something to keep those darn blackbirds out of the garden. Maybe my hubby will stand guard and shoo them away, Nottttttttt! he he!
Scarecrow to the rescue!
On another note, if you want to enter some giveaways:
Camille @ Simplify is having a gorgeous quilt giveaway , please visit her to register and mention that I sent you over.
Also, Jan @ Maple Lane is having a Mother's Day giveaway. Really cute items (apron, tea cozy, and more).


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Hi Irma!
Your hibiscus are gorgeous! What a great deal you found. I love the colors! And how interesting about your angel trumpet! My mom & dad have them & they're always yellow - they gave me one last year & it never bloomed. I have two this year so maybe I will have better luck!

Enjoy your day!

Loving Her Beautiful said...

Ah, spring! I worry every year that the new blooms will finally start to lose some of their appeal to me -- but thankfully I'm always wrong!
Thanks for the photos: I can almost smell them!
Enjoy . . .

Jacki said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for tagging me in your previous post. I'll be listing my oddities soon! Oh,I used to have a white angel trumpet - didn't know it came in any other color!

Christine O'Brien said...

I tried to grow a hibiscus but it didn't make it. I can't wait for our flowers to bloom. My roses are still just tiny little sprouts. sigh.
Spring, where are you???!!

Enjoy your gorgeous garden!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Beautiful pictures, Irma!
Have you tried putting a windsock or a whirli-gig in your garden? Any thing that moves like that will usually keep the black birds out of our stuff.
Have a great day!

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Congrats Ms Irma, you have just won my giveaway for the pip berry garland. I need your addy so your package can caught the next train out. Thanks for entering my drawing, be sure to watch for my next one, which will be listed soon. Hugs, RoseMarie

Julie said...

Wow! I would love to garden, as you do! You really have a gift!

Dorothy's Yellow Brick Road said...

Hi Irma,
I am glad you are still blogging. I love love love your flowers!!!! Your garden is just so devine. I can't wait to have some of those onions and cucumbers. Please plant some okra and some red heirloom tomatoes. We will have a great meal when I go and visit your cottage. I am so afraid that I will never win another game of scrabble....go ahead and make her a scrabble crown!!!

Anonymous said...