Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Little Prince Has Arrived!

Isn't he a cutie? He arrived today and plans to live here at Rose Cottage. Thank you Michelle @ Faerie Dust Dreams for having this giveaway. I was so surprised to find out that I had won. Please check out her blog and esty shop as she has some really cute things.
Well, today was another day of weeding, it seems to go on and on. I started to pull the weeds but hubby said noooo, use the hoe, well I tried and then my arm started hurting. This is no fun, I just want the weeds to be gone (Wish I could twitch my nose like Bewitched and they would be gone, no such luck). So my hubby and I compromised, he would use the hoe and start chopping at the weeds and I would rake them up. Well, we got 3/4 of the way down one row. Yep, 3/4 down one row with 7 more to go. I'm not really a gardner, this is just the second time we have planted and the first time our garden was not this large. We have been working on it only in the afternoon, I guess we need to get up in the morning and also do some more weeding. But I tell my hubby "I'm not a morning gardner", I'm an afternoon like past 6:00 pm gardner. He told me "That's not going to work". Soooooo, I guess I will need to set my clock and wake up early tomorrow morning, but then again maybe I will and then maybeeee Not.


vivian said...

I should plant a garden.. but I live in the country and there are so many farm stands around! I admire people with gardens.. Its just not my thing!!!
I am however a morning person, and I think your husbands right! thats the perfect time for gardening!

Farm Chick Paula said...

I wish sometimes I had a "magic nose twitch" too, Irma! LOL

Linda said...

So did you get up today (Thursday) and weed? I seem to have a rotator cuff injury...since I'm limited in what I can do in the garden. I only grow a few flowers...but did buy more potting soil yesterday. your fairy jar!!! Lucky you!

suzanne said...

Hi Irma, this is Suzanne at shabby cottage designs. Thank you for leaving a post on my blog, Your gardening souds fun. We used to live in the country and had a huge garden . We had tons of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans andlots more. It was alot of work but the rewads were great!! Now we live in town and have no garden. I miss it!!
suzanne said...

the captured fairy is adorable!!

Have you tried a pre-emergant on your garden? I use it all over my place and it really saves on the weeding. Preen'N Green or Miracle Gro both make good ones.

Rosa said...

Hi Irma,
I love those fairies in a jar. I've been dying to make three, one of each of my kids.
Congrats on winning!

Cola's Cottage said...

Hi there! It was nice of you to visit my blog and say such kind words! I love your blog! I have to say I absolutely love to garden. Flowers mostly as well as vegetables. I have two large gardens and many small flower beds. Weeding can get very tiresome for sure, but I just enjoy and rejoice in the wonderment and peace I find that it is all worth it. I get into it so much that I overdo it and end up hurting my back,lol!. I would love to exchange blog links and look forward to seeing your garden grow! Good luck and happy gardening!

Christine O'Brien said...

Hi Irma,

I water my weeds, then I pull them out. It's easier when they are wet. I know it sounds silly, but it's easier on my bod.

I don't let hubby anywhere near my flower beds anymore. The last time I did, he used the weed killer spray on my bee balm, thinking it was weeds. I now have no bee balm.

Bad hubby, naughty hubby!

What is it with men and chemicals in spray bottles?

Anonymous said...