Monday, March 24, 2008

Anyone for Crispy Chicken?

Easter started as a good day. I put chicken on the grill and started to prepare the sides. I kind of forgot about the chicken, so when I remembered and I went to check on it. Guess what, I burned the chicken. I mean it was charcoal crispy black. I came inside and told my husband and then I started to cry. I had all the sides ready but no main dish. My husband hugged me and said don't cry, its Ok, we just will go buy something to eat, burning the chicken was no big deal for me to be so upset about it.(He's soooo sweet). My son also hugged me and said not to worry the dogs would eat the burned chicken. (I don't know that the dogs would enjoy charcoal burned chicken, they did, they ate all of it.) Well, we went into town but every fast food place was closed. Some of the super markets were open but after that fiasco I was no longer in the mood to grill. I just wanted to get something already cooked. We did find a Church's Fried Chicken open and that's what we bought. My husband thanked the person that took our order for working on Easter. So we brought the chicken home and ate. Good thing I wasn't feeding a crowd. That would have been embarrassing. It was only my husband, my son and myself, however, it still was very upsetting to me. I have never burned chicken on the grill before. Maybe some beans, toast, cookies, boiled eggs (never burn boiled eggs, they pop and are very smelly).
My husband said next year we will just go to a restaurant. Sounds good to me.


April said...

Isn't it great how things just work out? I am glad that you had a great Easter!

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