Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just a Lazy Day

Today was a slow one. Was planning on doing some yard work to start where we left off yesterday, but that did not happen. I did manage to cook some hamburgers on the grill so we could all eat and some mac and cheese, but right after, the sleeppees (don't think this is a word, just sounds good) took over. Sat down to watch some TV then fell asleep on the couch. My sister called so I had to wake up. She said she loved my Tea Party pictures but that we should have smiled a little more. She said we had "Deer Eyes" (like when the headlights are shinning bright in their eyes), oh well, those pics were taken in a hurry. Will try for some better pics next time.
Well, I need to finish my birdhouse for Karla's and Beth Bling your Birdhouse this coming Thursday Mar. 27th. Almost done.
Hope everyone has a great Hoppy Easter! Don't eat too much chocolate.

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Laurie said...

Hi Irma! Thanks for visiting my blog. I noticed that you are from Texas. So I am I! I will be reading your blog today and I am excited to make a new blog friend.