Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great Time Had By All

Well, I'm back. I had a wonderful visit with my Mom, Auntie and Sister. Tuesday we went to the Witte Museum to see the exhibit "Our Body The Universe Within". It was so outstanding. Everyone should go and see this. It's amazing how they were able to do this.
When we returned back to my Mom's house, you guessed it, we had to play Scrabble. We played until our eyelids could no longer stay open. I did not win, my sister was again the winner. My aunt still does not have her Scrabble Mojo back.
On Wednesday we spent most of the day at the beauty shop, we had to get all pretty up. That night we went to the movies to see "The Other Boleyn Sister", this was a very good movie. I must have not paid attention in high school cause I sure don't remember reading about another Boleyn sister.
When we returned home, you guessed it, we played Scrabble until the wee hours again. The story repeats itself, I did not win, nor my aunt. My Sister was the champion again. ( I really need to make that Scrabble Crown).
Thursday we went to the San Marcos Outlet Mall. I love to go to Williams Sonoma, they have such great discounts as do the other stores there. After going into several other outlet stores we then left and went to several thrift stores. Oh my, what great finds. Will post pics later.
Didn't play Scrabble cause my sister had to go work the next day and I was leaving to come back home.
My aunt stayed the night Friday and on Saturday morning we took off . I belong to our towns Economic Development Commettee and all members were asked to attend the Grand Opening of the Orchard Smokehouse here in town. After pictures were taken for our local newspaper we then left to the Citywide garage sale in Needville. We found some great buys. I found the six cup chandelier for $1.00. I coundn't believe my luck. I had been trying to find one at thrift stores and had actually found one for $10.00 but did not get it, then I was upset that I did not buy it so I'm so happy I found one for $1.00. Yahoo!! I want to paint the brass part and put tea cups where the lights are. I saw this in a magazine and it looks really cute. Will post pics when I finish it.


Dorothy said...

Happy Easter. Thank the person that told you about The Home Goods Store. The coverlet Igot looks great. It also helped me decide what color to paint my last bedroom, believe it or not.

Laurie said...

I am dying to see that movie! My family and I play scrabble alot. I have 2 sister in San Antonio and I will be there in July. I'll be dying from the humidity! Alaska is not anywhere near as hot as Texas.
I'm glad you had fun with the girls in your family. I miss that very much!